Libra Season

Libra Season

By Kirsten Ross


♎︎ Libra Season ♎︎

Insights: @mumma_andthemoon

Artwork: @midnightmoonvisuals

Libra Season blows in today, with Mabon on the gusts of crisp Autumn air. After exploring the Zodiac's representations of Masculine (Virgo) and Feminine (Pisces) energies, during Goddess season, we poetically arrive at the Equinox. A rare perfect moment of balance between these powers of yin and yang, when day and night are of equal length.


This is a potent time for magic, as we cross over into the dark, feminine half of the year. Libra stands tall at this threshold, she stands for beauty, justice and above all harmony. She calls on us to settle our differences before entering this time of nurturance. Under her watchful eye we are encouraged to weigh up the opposing forces in our lives and restore equilibrium to our souls.


Libra Season is the time to focus on relationships, both external and internal.  To reflect and evaluate how each of them lights us up and equally where they may have become stale or toxic.  To use clear and honest communication where necessary to right wrongs, breathe in new life, or simply move on gracefully.  The lunar eclipse in sensual Taurus and the solar eclipse in Libra herself will amplify these opportunities, providing a powerful chance to make a new and harmonious start.


Embrace the effortless elegance of Libra by surrounding yourself with a vibrant network of support and becoming your own cheerleader. Whose gentle encouragement will guide you to shine like a beacon of beauty in the darkness.

This season ask yourself:

❧ What in my life feels off kilter and how can I reinstate balance?

❧ What tone does my inner voice usually take and how can I bring more kindness into my relationship with self?

❧ How can I bring more beauty to those I hold most dear?


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