Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries

By Kirsten Ross


ARIES FULL MOON ~ Severing the chords that bind


We must be the initiator of change when it comes to the Self. No one can do it for you, yet it can be hard to see and witness your own faults. Only those with a strong WILL are able to summon the inner warrior to release unhealthy patterns.


A new seed is born to shed the layers of identity that no longer resonate with who we are now. Aries asks that we show up as our authentic Self. This energy yearns to take a stand for the freedom to be herself. The ideals of independence and individuality are the very pillars of the Aries. Own every piece of who you ARE.


Aries seeks the answer to “Who Am I?”.


Underneath the layers of conditioning of how others see you is the core essence of the eternal YOU. Take off the armor of self-doubt, in order to bask in the glory of the Divine Self.


Mars, the ruling planet of this lunation, is meeting up with the South Node. He is the warrior who gives us the courage to face our own darkness. In Libra, he no longer needs validation from others. The South Node is where our karmic debts must be paid. Mars severs the chords that bind us to our toxic past.


We must be willing to give up who we were in order to become who we ARE, an ever-evolving being. Release the patterns that hold you back in order to ignite the flame of the true Self. It is only here that you breathe life back into your Soul.

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