Friday the 13th, Day of the Divine Feminine

Friday 13th…  How do you feel about it?  By many it is considered unlucky, so unlucky that it even has a horror franchise named after it!

But how unlucky is it really or, more to the point, who is it unlucky for?

Like the nourishing restful dark, like our stem-cell rich magical menstrual blood, like the witches who honoured the earth and nature’s sacred cycles and ALL things feminine,  Friday 13th has been demonised by those who felt threatened by its potency. And yes, you guessed it, the responsible party is none other than our old friends, the patriarchy.  Anything that exuded even the slightest utterance of Feminine Power had to be eradicated, in case, God forbid we used it against them.

As days go, they don’t get more powerful or aligned with the divine feminine than Friday 13th.  13 is the number of moons, and for most women, menstrual cycles in the year. It’s also the ideal number of witches in a coven and is recognized as the number of the sacred feminine. Also, Friday is Venus’ day and the day of the Goddess in many ancient traditions.

So it's actually a very auspicious day. A day to say no to the old paradigm, to the oppression of Mumma Earth and all that is feminine. A day to stand proudly, rooted in your power as a woman. A day that, in all truth, is only unlucky for those who deem it so.

What will you do to honour your Feminine power today?

Insights by: Samanta Markby De Lugo

Artwork: Kirsten McKinize


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