New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

By Kirsten Ross



The Dragon’s tail, or south node has not long been traveling through Libra.  This placement calls on us to collectively make a new start where we move away from vanity and injustice.

Art: @midnightmoonvisuals

Insights: @mumma_andthemoon

Today there will be an annular Solar Eclipse and regardless of whether your part of this Earth is a prime viewing platform or not, it will be immensely powerful.

The Moon will align exactly in front of the Sun.  His fire and light, streaming out from around her dark edges creating a spectacular blazing ring of fire in the sky.  Our ego and emotions connected in sacred union in the all-balancing stars of Libra.

A brief moment of complete alignment.  

Offering an energetic reset for all things relational.

Wherever you are in the world during the eclipse, close your eyes, coming into the sacred power of stillness and just feel into the immensity of the cosmic forces around you.  Absorb the vibrations of harmony as they softly ripple through our solar system, like a gentle breeze uprooting anything that no longer serves.  Ruffling our feathers and lifting our wings to fly, at the same time blowing our nest clear out of the tree, making the inevitable leap into the unknown our only option.

Use the dark pause offered (even if it’s on the other side of the world) to hold space for yourself, to confront your judgements and call in your highest metamorphosis.

Take a deep breath and a long exhale, opening yourself to the celestial energy

Feel into what it is that you really really want to bring forth, to call in.

And Ask


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