Mabon Blessings

Mabon Blessings

By Kirsten Ross


Have you noticed a delicious crispness in the air around you?  Here they come again, the winds of change, blowing in from the West, stirring up the leaves and the longings of your soul.

Artwork: @midnightmoonvisuals

Insights: @mumma_andthemoon


We are arriving at Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, the brief and potent moment of perfect balance and threshold to the feminine half of the year.  The descent into darkness will pick up its pace, just days after the Equinox, as the cycle of the year waxes in earnest towards the peak of yin energy at the Winter Solstice.

These next 3 months, as the days grow shorter and colder, and the nourishing darkness of the night extends to envelop us in it’s velvet embrace, are an invitation to recede from the chaos and commotion of the exterior world.  Just as surely as the sap in the trees, returns to nourish their roots, now is the time to retreat to your inner world.  To tap into the magic that stirs in the hidden places of your soul and to open to the deep healing that can arise when you ride out any discomfort that comes with slowing down and seeking solace.

The vibrant greens of Summer are changing to the fiery reds, oranges and yellows of Autumn, before the brown of decay takes over at Samhain.  We are returning to the dark from whence we came.  Allowing yourself to be composted now will transmute the pain you carry and outdated ways of being, so that you emerge in Spring fully metamorphosed.

But for now we are standing only on the precipice of the descent.  Soak up the light codes and sunbeams before their power begins to fade.  Honour these few days around the mid-harvest festival when the powers of night and day, feminine & masculine, inner and outer stand still, in perfect harmony.  

This is the time to celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth, the bounty of the harvest, giving thanks for all that you have manifested during this cycle.  It is also the time of release, of letting go any hopes and dreams that have not come to fruition this year.  The time to balance both the light and darkness within you.  A time for forgiveness, but also of plenty, gratitude, and sharing as we count our blessings and prepare for darker days.


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