Pisces Season

Pisces Season

By Kirsten Ross



The Sun crosses from the expansive and collaborative realms of Aquarius into the sparkling unending waters of Pisces. This is the last leg of the year-long journey around the zodiac, the integration of all that has been learnt, unlearnt, processed and healed as we have traveled through each sign. Here in this most spiritual of constellations we transcend everything that has gone before.

Pisces season immerses us in the deepest qualities of the feminine. Now is the time to surrender to the flow, to stop a while and reflect, to rest, to meditate, to dream and intuit. Pisces leans in close and softly intimates that we cease ‘to do’ and instead dare simply ‘to be’. That we drop down to the sanctity of our womb temple and from this place of great wisdom expand ourselves to connect with the cosmos and its infinite power.

Pisces is the last call for yin, before the explosion of yang energy and growth that bursts forth at the Equinox and the start of the New Astrological year. Allow yourself to float in this resting place, this limitless ocean of dream-like qualities and higher selves, with a deep sense of calm and knowing that surpasses all time and space.

Things to ponder on this season:

❧ Where am I swimming against the current?
❧ How can I better worship at the temple of self?
❧ What if this is all leading me to where I’m supposed to be?

If you’re a Pisces, let us know your birthday in the comments below, or tag a Pisces you know. ♓️


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Insights: @mumma_andthemoon


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