New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius

By Kirsten Ross

Tonight the Moon is renewed again, this time in the stars of revolutionary Aquarius.

Art: @midnightmoonvisuals
Insights: @mumma_andthemoon

But there is nothing normal about this Super New Moon. She is the breaking dawn of a new Lunar year, ushering in the force of the dragon and the element of wood, which exacerbate the influx of yang energy present since Imbolc.

For a brief moment the cycles of the Moon, Earth and Stars align in purity and the virgin innocence of a new beginning. Gusts of air blow in, bringing the fresh energy of change, as the waters of the sea-goat´s pitcher cleanse us of all that we were before.

Finally we are emerging from the dreamtime cocoon, our deep roots allowing us to extend gently through the death-rebirth portal, and grow rapidly towards the light of evolution.

Now is the time, supported by all the powers that be, to explore how you want to bloom in this year of 2024, to crystallise your vision for the cycle ahead, and to ritualise the intentions of all you will be, all you will create and all you will contribute to the collective.

Stand beside us sister in the conviction of all we can become and together we will unfurl into a brighter future for humanity.


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