By Kirsten Ross

The Spring Equinox is a magical time when night and day are briefly of equal length and the powers of light and dark, masculine and feminine, yang and yin are in perfect balance. We are on the cusp of transition as from this point on, solar masculine energy dominates and the year waxes in earnest, as the days grow warmer and longer.

Artwork: @midnightmoonvisuals
Insights: @mumma_andthemoon

The wheel is poised to turn when the subsolar point crosses the equator tomorrow, as the Sun moves into fiery Aries and a new astrological year begins! Equi-nox translates literally to ‘equal - night’ and its Celtic name Ostara also belongs to the hare-headed Germanic Goddess of fertility, the dawn and Spring. Her Anglo Saxon counterpart was Eostre, this Goddess is the ancient root of Easter and Estrogen, which is of course essential to our fertility. And that is what this time of year is all about, celebrating the union of masculine and feminine, and the creation of new life, from the growth on the trees to newborn animals.

Represented by the element of air, this Equinox shares the same energy as the waxing 1st quarter Moon, the youthful maiden of our life cycle and the vibrant follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. It holds the exuberance of Spring, as life bursts forth in the nature around us. The sap of the trees is rising, green leaves are in abundance, the world blooms, just as we do. Our vitality increases, along with the Sun’s rays and our projects for the year take on a life of their own as they grow.

Ostara is the time, fuelled with the nourishment of the long Winter months, to emerge and return to the bright lights and fast pace of our modern society.

❧ Be bold and brave. Drink in the morning Sun and let its energy propel you forwards.
❧ Map out the steps that lead to your intentions and tread them with unshakeable determination.
❧ Make the reveal: launch your creations into the world or make your plan clear to others. This is on!

Ostara Blessings loves, and for our friends in the Southern hemisphere - Mabon blessings to you all!


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