New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

By Kirsten Ross



Ready or not, your next evolution is arriving!

When the Moon is in Aries we always tap into the fires of creation to stoke the flames of personal power that refuel our drive and purpose, whilst burning away all that is incongruous with our core essence.

Today at 11:21 PM PST, the Sun joins Lady Luna at her closest point to Earth and at the mystical dragon´s head of destiny, in the rare spectacle and perfect alignment of a total eclipse, these fires will be a blazing inferno, the likes of which has not raged for decades.

If Eclipses are lighting bolts of transformation, this one is a comet blazing across the global landscape for all the world to see. Retrograding Mercury and Chiron only exacerbate the flames, aiding us to communicate with ourselves at the deepest level whilst also releasing past pain to propel our metamorphosis.

Prepare. Prepare to feel fire in the air, for the ground beneath you to quake with the raw power, for the waters to boil over. Prepare to be scorched, blackened and burned as the old you falls away - a charred husk of who you once wanted to be. Prepare to fight for your resurrection as you are reforged from your molten core, renewed in your drive and purpose and repowered to fight for your brightest future.

Because ready or not, over the next 6 months this eclipse will take you on a wild ride of intensity at a soul-shaking level.

As always, no matter how dark it appears to become remember it’s not happening TO you, but FOR you. The power to claim your birthright and walk your soul’s path is here for the taking, all you have to do is bravely call it home.


Art: @midnightmoonvisuals
Insights: @mumma_andthemoon


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