Gemini Season

Gemini Season

By Kirsten Ross




After soaking up abundance and sensual pleasures in the earthy realms of Taurus, the Sun seems to quicken his pace today as he crosses into Gemini’s lighter frequency.  We feel his rays more intensely, as the season of the Twins calls on us to shed any last remaining vestige of Winter, bear our flesh and bask in the rising warmth, as the nights draw shorter in the home straight towards Summer’s peak.


Their vivacious whisper dances on the breeze, entering our ears in stereo ‘Come out to play’. Our soul’s respond to Gemini's invitation with wild abandon that leaves us bouncing with aliveness and curious to experience all the world has to offer.  As we approach ‘ovulation’ in the cycle of the year our magnetism and communication skills are called to the fore to bloom fully with new expression.


Gemini calls upon us to lean into our dualities, rewrite old stories, construct an evolved narrative and flirt with life, as we unfurl our wings and release the social butterfly within. This is the final push of maiden energy, before the mother ascends the stage.  


Ask yourself:


How can you focus this potent energy on bringing your yearly intentions to fruition as the cycle peaks?


What new narrative is waiting to unfold?


What are you hungry to experience this season?


If you’re a Gemini, let us know your birthday in the comments below or tag a Gemini you love.


Insights by Samantha Markby


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