Beltane blessings

Beltane blessings

By Kirsten Ross


Open your eyes today to the pure magic of the world in bloom. Mumma Nature is putting on a show, with treasures designed to delight. The scent of Jasmine fills the air, roses sway in the gentle breeze, cherries are ripe for the picking and butterflies dance by or settle in to visit. The wheel is turning once more, summer is coming.

Here, at Beltane, we welcome heady days as we grow ever closer to the peak of nature’s power - the Solstice. Life hums with joy and there is a tangible rising in the vitality of all things.

Bel was ‘the bright One’, Celtic God of pastoralism, and ‘Teine’ is the Gaelic word for fire. So, Beltane means ‘bright fire’ as symbolised in the traditional lighting of bonfires. It was celebrated with rituals to honour and ensure fertility: that of the human race and also the Earth, the crops, and the livestock.

It is the gateway to the South and the element of Fire, sharing the energy of the Waxing Gibbous Moon, the pregnant maiden, on her journey to motherhood and the later half of the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, just prior to the glory of ovulation.

Everywhere you look colourful petals dance, sun-kissed by rays of warmth, a feast for the senses. Love and lust are all around and nature is calling to us, that it’s time to slip our feet out from under the last corner of our cozy blanket.

It’s time to come fully into the light, plant your bare feet on the Earth, stand in your vibrancy, and flourish as you revel in the marvel of life. Now the potential of all that you have called in for this cycle is ripe for the picking.

❧ Close your eyes and listen within. Feel into the vastness of your power, your infinite life force. Feel into how you are bursting into bloom.

❧ Make daisy chains with your dreams and intentions, as you harness this potency to bring them to life.

❧ Dance around the maypole, dance with a sexy stranger, dance with your feet in the grass. Let your inner fire expand as you move your body with the thrill of life.


Art: @midnightmoonvisuals
Insights: @mumma_andthemoon


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